Happy New Year ... normal service resumes!

So, every year as an annual ritual I spend some time reviewing the plethora of bank, asset management and adviser 'Year-End Outlooks' that pour forth from our friends, partners and competitors across the investment industry.

This requires visiting all manner of investment websites and it struck me this year that it might be useful to save you all some pain and so I have taken the (diabolical) liberty of consolidating the documents we have collected in one place so that you can view them at your leisure (if that's what rings your bell...)

There are 25 books from a range of sources and I can't profess to have read every page in every book or to have critically assessed all of the different perspectives ... but there are some interesting views, great ideas and some excellent charts. Overall my sense is that the economics community is a little bit too optimistic about the path of growth for this year ... and that the landing we are about to experience is not going to be as 'soft' as they would have us believe.

I hope you enjoy the books and we look forward to catching up with you soon to debate what it means for real estate markets and investment strategy in 2023!

KR - Simon